What is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Many teenagers and adults suffer from social anxiety. This is a condition that can make them feel nervous and physically ill when they have to interact with others. Particularly if they will be the center of attention (such as when they must give a speech) or when they think others will be looking at them […]

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What is Considered Normal Teenage Behavior?

normal teenage behavior

A decade or more ago, you made it through the “terrible twos” with your child. Now that he or she is a teenager, you might feel as though you’re playing a whole other ballgame. Your adolescent is transitioning from a child into an adult, and they might exhibit some behaviors that are puzzling or concerning […]

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Did you Know About These Effective Anxiety Relief Techniques

Anxiety Relief Techniques - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Anxiety often sneaks up for seemingly no reason at all and hijacks the situation. Whether you’re in a social environment or at home, anxiety can appear and overwhelm you in a way that’s debilitating. Fortunately, there are a few anxiety relief techniques you can try to help curb your anxiety. Let’s take a closer look […]

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How to Support Your Depressed Teenager

Depressed Teenager | Paradigm Treatment Center

Is your teen struggling with depression? The teenage years are known for being difficult for quite a few reasons: First, teens today are under more stress than those in past generations. Also, adolescents are dealing with hormonal fluctuations combined with the difficult work of leaving childhood behind and entering adulthood. Their brains have not yet […]

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What Is Dual Diagnosis and How Is It Treated?

dual diagnosis - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Maybe you have heard the term “dual diagnosis” and have wondered what that is. Dual diagnosis is when a person has both a mental health condition (such as depression, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder) and an addiction (such as alcoholism, addiction to pain pills, or addiction to gambling). The two issues often go hand-in-hand and it […]

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How to Manage Mental Health Problems in High School Athletes

High School Athletes

Many teens who are involved with sports in high school are considered to be in great shape when it comes to their mental health. After all, they might be able to balance schoolwork with sports with no problem. They are often popular and give the appearance of being confident. High school athletes might be active […]

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How Boys and Girls Experience Teenage Depression Symptoms Differently

Teenage Depression Symptoms

You might be surprised to learn that teenage depression symptoms can affect boys and girls differently. While both teen boys and teen girls can suffer from depression, the symptoms and the potential outcomes differ according to sex. Of course, every teen is different and your son might experience depression that is more similar to the way […]

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Did you Know that Owning a Pet Can Improve Mental Health

improve mental health

Pets add a loving and caring dimension to people’s everyday lives. They provide companionship and friendship to their owners. They also display never ending loyalty to their humans. Scientific studies have proven that pets are important in helping people maintain good mental health. Learn how owning a pet can improve mental health and help you adapt […]

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Finding Help for Troubled Teens

troubled teens

If a child has reached the teenage years, it is likely they are experiencing some changes in their physicality, hormones and emotions. You may wonder if these changes represent typical teen behavior or are characteristics of  troubled teens. Knowing the difference between typical and troubled will help determine if finding help is needed. Typical Teen […]

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