Community Spotlight- Lori Vann

Community Spotlight: Lori Vann - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Shedding Light on Non-Suicidal Self Injury, Suicidality, and the Vital Importance of Knowing the Difference Since the 6th grade, Clinical Counselor, Non-Suicidal Self-Injury expert and prolific author Lori Vann knew from the bottom of her heart that her purpose in life was to help people. “It was just how I was raised, I suppose. The […]

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What Is Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder?

What Is Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder? - Paradigm Treatment Centers

  Bipolar disorder commonly affects adults and people in late adolescence, but in some cases, it can affect children and younger teens as well. Those cases are known as early-onset bipolar disorder. The signs, symptoms, and effects of early-onset bipolar disorder may be different than those of other types of bipolar disorder. Take a look […]

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Paradigm Honors Kelly Ndombe With Academic Scholarship

Paradigm Honors Kelly Ndombe With Academic Scholarship - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Paradigm Treatment Center’s scholarship recipient Kelly Ndombe understands what it means to work hard to attain life goals: His efforts resulted in being accepted to Stanford University’s prestigious Master’s of Science program in Computer Programming. While the future shines brilliantly for Kelly, his path has not been without its challenges. Kelly began his early life […]

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Employee of the Month: Robert Burns

Employee of the Month: Robert Burns - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Robert Burns understands that the purpose of education isn’t just to expand his students’ knowledge: Robert appreciates that his role as a teacher is to develop his students’ creative thinking abilities so the knowledge that is imparted to each learner can translate into a purposeful life filled with accomplishments and balance. During his three-year tenure […]

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Paradigm Treatment Centers Joins “21 Days to be Kind Challenge” With Lady Gaga & Mental Health America

  In conjunction with Mental Health America and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Paradigm Treatment Centers is pleased to announce its participation in the “21 Days To Be Kind Challenge.” This unique, daily initiative was inspired by the idea that healthy habits really form when they are repeated for 21 consecutive days. The challenge, […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Kenlyn Mirbach

Alumni Spotlight: Kenlyn Mirbach - Paradigm Treatment Centers

Although the process hasn’t always been easy, Kenlyn Mirbach is finally comfortable with being herself. Kenlyn began experiencing depressive symptoms at a young age and recalls thoughts of hopelessness and suicidal ideation as early as the third grade. During her senior year of high school, 17-year-old Kenlyn became overwhelmed with social anxiety and stress. She […]

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Paradigm Treatment Centers a Featured Exhibitor at APA 2019

APA 2019 Features Paradigm - Paradigm Treatment Centers

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the largest professional organization of psychologists in the country, with nearly 120,000 members nationwide. Each year the APA hosts an impressive annual conference, and this year’s Chicago event welcomed Paradigm Treatment Centers as official exhibitors for the very first time! The conference was attended by over 12,000 scientists, educators, […]

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