What Is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

body dysmorphic disorder

Most teens — in fact, most people of all ages — can find something about their bodies that they don’t like. Your son might wish he were taller or more muscular. Your daughter might not like the roundness of her hips or might wish her hair were thicker or a different color. These are normal […]

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How to Manage Mental Health Problems in High School Athletes

High School Athletes

Many teens who are involved with sports in high school are considered to be in great shape when it comes to their mental health. After all, they might be able to balance schoolwork with sports with no problem. They are often popular and give the appearance of being confident. High school athletes might be active […]

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10 Warning Signs of Teenage Mental Illness

teenage mental illness

The teen years can be a roller coaster for both teenagers and their parents. As the parent of an adolescent, you might wonder which behaviors are par for the course and which could indicate a teenage mental illness. Read on to learn about which behaviors and feelings might be warning signs of teenage mental illness. […]

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How Boys and Girls Experience Teenage Depression Symptoms Differently

Teenage Depression Symptoms

You might be surprised to learn that teenage depression symptoms can affect boys and girls differently. While both teen boys and teen girls can suffer from depression, the symptoms and the potential outcomes differ according to sex. Of course, every teen is different and your son might experience depression that is more similar to the way […]

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